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Rabbit Post Operation Care

Here are a few tips on caring for your rabbit after an operation.

  • Following a general anaesthetic, keep your rabbit in a quiet, warm area and tempt him/her with a variety of hay, fresh greens and pellets.
  • Some rabbits may need syringe feeding if they aren’t eating enough by themselves. If your vet has not dispensed any syringe feed at discharge, please call us so we can give you some.
  • Giving syringe feed or medication can be done by placing your rabbit on a flat surface with his/her head facing away from you. You can then carefully introduce the syringe tip into the side of the rabbit’s mouth and slowly introduce the feed/medication in small amounts at a time. Wrapping a towel around your rabbit can help with restraint.
  • If your rabbit is eating very little, or not eating at all, please call us straight away. If a rabbit stops eating, it can lead to gastric stasis and ileus (decreased gut movements) which can be fatal.
  • Any sutures (stitches) will be underneath the skin to prevent the rabbit chewing them. If you see your rabbit chewing or biting at the incision, please call us.
  • Also call us if you notice any swelling or discharge (blood, pus or a clear discharge) from the incision site.
  • If you use wood shavings or hay as bedding, switching this to news paper or towels, which can help keep the incision site clean.
  • There will be post-operative checks with a vet 3 days and 10 days after the procedure. Please book an appointment with our reception staff.

If you have any questions about your rabbit's treatment, please feel free to contact a member of staff.