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We use Tracer Advance Microchips. Tracer is the only non-glass microchip in the UK - it is shatter proof and 10 times stronger than glass. These are 12.8 x 2.2 mm and weigh 0.106 gm. The reading distance is up to 30 cms. The liquid crystal bio-polymer Vectra A530 surrounds a tiny wafer of semiconducting material designed to fit comfortably under the skin. It is inert and cannot dissolve, corrode or interact with living tissue.

The chip does not hold any information other than a unique 15-digit number. It is a rudimentary transponder, and when the "scanner" is passed over the chip the chip's number is displayed on the screen. The microchip is a passive device, meaning that it carries no battery and remains inactive except when it is being scanned. The chip is inserted under the skin of the animal as a means of identification.


When we implant a microchip we record that permanent number on our database, and register it for life with Petlog, the largest UK microchip database which is available 24/7. This database contains your name, address, telephone number and email address linked to your pets microchip number. Should your pet go missing, once it has been scanned and its unique microchip number identifed it can quickly be reunited with its owners. Database amendments are chargeable unless the owner has additionally taken out Petlog Premium, when they have free Internet access to their own data and can change it at will. www.petlog.org.uk.