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I took my ten year old Exotic rescue cat, Freddy (cross between British Shorthair and Persian) to Clerkenwell because he had an ingrowing thumb-claw that was beyond what I could clip.

Mark noticed immediately that Freddy also had weeping eyes and suggested surgery on the lower eyelids. On this breed, the eyelid can roll in, the eyelashes then rub constantly, causing discharge and discomfort. I had assumed that weeping eyes was just one of those things with this breed. Freddy had the surgery, had to wear a soft collar for a few days but was soon back to his old playful self. Now, 12 days later, what is remarkable is that his eyes are totally clear: he no longer has a perpetual orange stain on his front paws from heroic efforts to keep his eyes clean. The stitches have disappeared.

I have huge admiration for this veterinary practice. Of course they give expert care to the animals but they understand the importance of managing anxiety in the owners too. They are efficient, friendly and obviously a very closely knit and well-run team.

Jenny Rogers



Not every pet thanks us personally with a life-affirming video but we were overjoyed to receive this one.  Not only did we have the pleasure of saving this little one's life but the owners clearly went over and above, in terms of ensuring we recognised their gratitude.